As a child my mother was an avid collector of mini’s which instilled my love for all things miniature. Throughout the years of crafting together we created a bond stronger than hot glue!

This venture started as a hobby of collecting miniatures and D.I.Y. crafting projects that has now turned into a lifestyle. We consistently work on the Mooreministore website everyday to ensure our customers have “mini” items to choose from with a bit of funny on the side.  

Our staff is fun, friendly, driven, and on the ready to improve your experience! We strive to always make things better so at times you may see changes happening while browsing the site. We encourage you to reach out here with your thoughts, ideas, requests, or just your opinion. We love hearing what our customers think.

Moving forward we will continue expanding to include contests, freebies, coupons, and much more to show our appreciation and make the Mooreministore.com the place to be 🙂

As a tribute to Mary Ann, an artist, a mother, and my best friend, I would like to share our passion for the amazing world of miniatures with you. Craft the memories that will last a lifetime.



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