Moore Mini Store

Any Mini

Miniature scale product from working cell phones, micro camera and handheld gaming consoles. Just look for Any Mini at the mooreministore.com today.


Shop for miniature Christmas trees and candy canes for your holiday project this season at the mooreministore.com

Crafting Supplies

Shop DIY crafting supplies for all your project needs. From glue to glitter, just look for Crafting Supplies at the mooreministore.com today.

Crafting Tools

Get the best deals on the perfect size crafting tools for any DIY project. Just look for Crafting Tools at the mooreministore.com today.

Doll Parts

Need to repair your Barbie or update your Blythe doll? Search for the Doll Parts you need at the mooreministore.com today

Doll Tools

Browse handheld tools that make it easy to upgrade and repair dolls. Visit the mooreministore.com today to get quality, low cost Doll Tools.


Choose from Blythe, fashion, princess, fantasy, anime, jointed, and custom made dolls at the mooreministore.com today.


Create your holiday projects and get your festive Easter crafting supplies today at the mooreministore.com


Get your spooky miniatures, dolls and crafting supplies for all your Halloween projects at the mooreministore.com today

Mini Accessories

Shop now for mini accessories and decor for your dollhouse or miniature project at the mooreministore.com

Mini Animals

Find miniature animals, pets, and wildlife from kitties to cows today at the mooreministore.com.

Mini Appliances

Find Miniature Appliances including stoves, refrigerators, coffee maker, and much more at the mooreministore.com today.

Mini Dishes

Miniature porcelain dishes, and glass plates, are just a few of the items you can find in Dishes and Cookware at the mooreministore.com

Mini Dollhouse Kit

DIY assembly projects that come in all sizes from one room to complete dollhouse kits. Get your next creative project at the mooreministore.com today

Mini Electronics

Check out miniature electronic devices like laptop, iPhone, and T.V replicas at the mooreministore.com today.

Mini Fashion

Browse clothes, shoes, purses and other accessories in Doll Fashion at the mooreministore.com

Mini Food

Browse Miniature Food and Drink items like cakes, cocktails, and candy at mooreministore.com for all your dollhouse or crafting needs.

Mini Furniture

Search a variety of Miniature Furniture items including beds, couches, chairs, cabinets, dresser, and much more at the mooreministore.com

Mini Holidays

Create all your holiday crafting projects and miniature displays with festive holiday items at the mooreministore.com

Mini Lighting

For all your display needs search miniature LED lamps and wired dollhouse lighting at the mooreministore.com today

Mini Music

Search for miniature musical instruments including drums, flute, piano, guitars, and much more at the mooreministore.com

Mini Plants

Check out the miniature plants, flowers, and landscape crafting supplies at mooreministore.com today

Mini Sports

Check out miniature crafting supplies in Sports and Games for all your favorite hobbies at the mooreministore.com

Mini Tools

Browse Tool replicas from miniature pliers, and drills to mini wooden ladders at the mooreministore.com today

Mother's Day

Create a gift for mom, or find the perfect gift to give on Mother's Day at the mooreministore.com

New Arrivals

Check out the New Arrivals of crafting projects, supplies, miniatures, puzzles, and games at the mooreministore.com today


From top hats, clocks, and LED fireworks, find miniature New Years crafting supplies at the mooreministore.com

Puzzles & Games

Find fun games, challenging puzzles and create ways to have family fun for hours at the mooreministore.com today

St. Patrick's Day

Shop St. Patrick's Day for miniature green beer mugs and beaded clover jewelry at the mooreministore.com


Check out miniature Thanksgiving decorations form ceramic turkeys to polymer clay turkey dinners at the mooreministore.com

Valentine's Day

Find heart crafting supplies, cupid figures, and miniatures gifts for your Valentine's Day project at the mooreministore.com

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