Moore Mini Store

We at the Moore Mini Store always want each customer to be satisfied with their purchase and bring a warm smile as your expectations are met or exceeded when your package arrives.

We strive to be transparent, truthful, and accurate in the product descriptions so that you feel comfortable receiving the product you ordered. To that end, please read these disclaimers before placing your order.


Due to different screen displays and color settings on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc…we cannot guarantee each product will be the same exact shade of color as shown on anyone’s particular screen. The real life color is usually very close on most newer devices and we rarely have returns based on wrong color. We just thought you should know in case color is a crucial detail to your project.


We’re dealing with miniatures here, so size counts. Please keep in mind, especially when ordering handcrafted items that the posted sizes are for the guideline model only while individual product size could possibly vary due to human construction. We’re talking a mm or two on the small stuff and sometimes a cm on the bigger stuff. Use this calculator to convert metric to standard so you know what you’re getting.


It never hurts to go over some simple safety basics and this is a simple list not meant to be taken as or substitute to any professional safety advice.

Choking Hazard. Small items are not suitable for small children. Along with supervision learn more about kids health choking safety. Even if you’re an adult don’t be distracted and mix up a miniature item for a snack while building your next dollhouse.

Follow the manufacturers recommended rating and instructions. Do not use products for purposes they are not intended. Check for loose or broken parts.

Basically use common sense and you’ll be fine. Plus, if you really hate it, you can always start a return. So escape with us from the big world and buy some minis now!


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